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  1. About data source refresh

  2. About domain alias certificates

  3. About JSON and XML Data Sources

  4. About Klipfolio Ninja Services

  5. About the Klipfolio Sandbox

  6. ABS function

  7. Adding a custom role and users

  8. Adding a custom user property to a user’s log in account

  9. Adding a drop down list to a Gauge component

  10. Adding a pre-built Klip from the Klip Gallery

  11. Adding new users

  12. Adding or Moving a Klip

  13. AND function

  14. Annotations

  15. ARRAY function

  16. Authenticating with Google

  17. Authentication method: 2 Step Authentication

  18. Authentication method: API Key Authentication

  19. Authentication method: Basic HTTP Authentication

  20. Authentication method: OAuth Token Authentication for Web Accessible Data Source

  21. Automate data upload using the data source API

  22. AVERAGE function

  23. Best practices for uploading your data

  24. BETA: Working with dynamic data sources

  25. Beta: Free public links

  26. BETWEEN function

  27. BLANK function

  28. Branding options

  29. Build-a-Klip Tutorial

  30. Build-a-Klip Tutorial: Phase Five

  31. Build-a-Klip Tutorial: Phase Four

  32. Build-a-Klip Tutorial: Phase One

  33. Build-a-Klip Tutorial: Phase Three

  34. Build-a-Klip Tutorial: Phase Two

  35. Building a bar/line chart with a secondary y axis

  36. Building a gauge component that displays a cumulative total

  37. Building dashboards

  38. Calculating the average using two columns in a drilldown table

  39. Call Center Data (Spreadsheet)

  40. Cancelling or Deleting your Klipfolio Account

  41. CAPITALIZE function

  42. CEILING function

  43. Changelog 27.1

  44. Chart migration

  45. Checklist for adding new clients

  46. Checklist for adding new users

  47. Common Bar/Line Chart scenarios: Example of using the LOOKUP function to align data

  48. Common Bar/Line Chart scenarios: Example of using the LOOKUP function with a condition to align data

  49. Common Pie Chart scenarios: Displaying numbers and percentages in a pie chart legend

  50. Common Pie Chart scenarios: Displaying total number of surveys as a percentage by country

  51. Common scenarios for building Klips

  52. Common Table scenarios: Selecting start and end dates to display number of boxes sold by country

  53. Common Table scenarios: Sorting data to display the video with the highest number of views

  54. Common User Input Control scenarios: Counting all tickets by quarter, by month, by weekday

  55. Common User Input Control scenarios: Displaying total boxes of fruit sold in the last three months

  56. CONCAT function

  57. Connecting to data sources: error messages

  58. CONTAINS function

  59. Copying and pasting formula elements

  60. COUNT function

  61. COUNTALL function

  62. COUNTBLANK function

  63. COUNTDISTINCT function

  64. COUNTIF function

  65. COUNTNUMERIC function

  66. COUNT_DAYS function

  67. Creating a custom theme

  68. Creating a filter to display related data

  69. Creating a simple and a more complex bar chart

  70. Creating data sources

  71. Creating groups and setting default dashboards

  72. CUMULATIVE function


  74. Dashboard design considerations

  75. Dashboard permalinks

  76. Data examples

  77. Data Manipulation functions

  78. Data source fails to refresh and becomes disabled

  79. DATASOURCE function

  80. DATE and DATEVALUE functions

  81. Date and Time Functions

  82. DATERANGE function

  83. DATE_ADD function

  84. DATE_CLOSEST function

  85. DATE_CONVERT function

  86. DATE_ENDOF function

  87. DATE_IN function

  88. DATE_SET function

  89. DATE_STARTOF function

  90. DATE_UNITVALUE function

  91. Determining if Google Analytics data sources are exceeding the daily limit

  92. Displaying a cumulative total

  93. Displaying a Google map with markers

  94. Displaying a Google map with markers and values

  95. Displaying Klips in full screen mode

  96. Displaying poll results using the pie chart component

  97. Downloading a dashboard and all of its Klips to your computer

  98. Downloading a Klip to your computer

  99. Drop-Down and Variables (Spreadsheet)

  100. Emailing a dashboard and all of its Klips

  101. Emailing a Klip

  102. Embedded visualization not available error message when embedding a Klip

  103. Embedding a Klip into an HTML page

  104. ERF function

  105. ERFC function

  106. Example - 75/20 Service Level - Today Klip

  107. Example - Bookings by Country Klip

  108. Example - Bookings QTD Klip

  109. Example - Financial Performance YTD Klip

  110. Example - Marketing Traffic Sources Klip

  111. Example - Revenue YTD Klip

  112. Example - Stock Quotes Klip

  113. Example - World News Klip

  114. Example: Using the DATASOURCE function with the ARRAY function

  115. Example: Using the DATASOURCE function with the SWITCH function

  116. Executive Data (Spreadsheet)

  117. Filtering by date range

  118. Filtering by market segment to display total sales by month

  119. FIRST function

  120. FLOOR function

  121. Frequently Asked Questions

  122. Functions Sample Data (Spreadsheet)

  123. Generate a Klipfolio API Key

  124. Getting to know the formula bar

  125. Google Analytics 400 or 403 error messages

  126. Google Analytics: Some dimensions and metrics require additional input

  127. Granting Klipfolio Support access to a user account

  128. GROUP and GROUPBY functions

  129. Guide to displaying Klipfolio Dashboards on a Large Screen Display

  130. Guide to Web Accessible (REST API) data sources

  131. Hide the "Free Trial" message on dashboard sign in page

  132. How to add a YouTube video to an Inline Frame component

  133. How to build a Map component

  134. How to build Bar/Line Chart components

  135. How to build Gauge components

  136. How to build HTML Template components

  137. How to build Image components

  138. How to build Inline Frame components

  139. How to build News components

  140. How to build Pictograph components

  141. How to build Pie Chart components

  142. How to build Scatter/Bubble Chart components

  143. How to build Sparkline components

  144. How to build Table components

  145. How to build User Input Control components

  146. How to build Value Pair components

  147. How to create custom maps

  148. How to resize a Klip

  149. How to revert to an earlier version of a Klip

  150. How to save a copy of a Klip

  151. How to use Bullet Chart formats

  152. How to use funnels

  153. How to use Horizontal Mini Chart formats

  154. How to use hyperlinks in a Klip

  155. How to use images in a Klip

  156. How to use Indicators

  157. How to use Mini Chart formats

  158. How to use the Button component

  159. How to use the Klipfolio Preview Environment

  160. I can't upload my images

  161. IF function

  162. Importing Klips, dashboards, and data sources

  163. IN function

  164. INDEXOF function

  165. Install the latest Google Analytics KlipStart Dashboard

  166. Introduction

  167. Introduction to the Build-a-Klip Tutorial

  168. Introduction: Using formulas

  169. JOIN function

  170. Klip Gallery: Alexa

  171. Klip Gallery: Basecamp

  172. Klip Gallery: Bitly

  173. Klip Gallery: Buffer

  174. Klip Gallery: CallRail

  175. Klip Gallery: Campaign Monitor

  176. Klip Gallery: Chargify

  177. Klip Gallery: comScore

  178. Klip Gallery: Conversion Funnel (Salesforce + Google Analytics)

  179. Klip Gallery: Facebook

  180. Klip Gallery: Facebook Ads

  181. Klip Gallery: FluidSurveys

  182. Klip Gallery: Glassdoor

  183. Klip Gallery: Google +

  184. Klip Gallery: Google AdWords

  185. Klip Gallery: Google Analytics

  186. Klip Gallery: Google Calendar

  187. Klip Gallery: GoSquared

  188. Klip Gallery: HubSpot

  189. Klip Gallery: Infusionsoft

  190. Klip Gallery: Insightly

  191. Klip Gallery: Instagram

  192. Klip Gallery: Intercom

  193. Klip Gallery: LinkedIn

  194. Klip Gallery: Localytics

  195. Klip Gallery: MailChimp

  196. Klip Gallery: Mixpanel

  197. Klip Gallery: Moz

  198. Klip Gallery: New Relic

  199. Klip Gallery: Optimizely

  200. Klip Gallery: Pingdom

  201. Klip Gallery: Problems adding Facebook Klips

  202. Klip Gallery: Problems adding Klips

  203. Klip Gallery: Problems adding Salesforce Klips

  204. Klip Gallery: Quintly

  205. Klip Gallery: RSS Feeds

  206. Klip Gallery: Salesforce

  207. Klip Gallery: Sample Metrics

  208. Klip Gallery: Searchmetrics

  209. Klip Gallery: Shopify

  210. Klip Gallery: Social Media Followers - Multiple data sources

  211. Klip Gallery: Stripe

  212. Klip Gallery: Swrve

  213. Klip Gallery: Talkwalker

  214. Klip Gallery: Trello

  215. Klip Gallery: TrendSpottr

  216. Klip Gallery: Twitter

  217. Klip Gallery: UserVoice

  218. Klip Gallery: Visualizations

  219. Klip Gallery: Weather

  220. Klip Gallery: Webtrends

  221. Klip Gallery: Wistia

  222. Klip Gallery: Xero

  223. Klip Gallery: Yahoo Finance

  224. Klip Gallery: YouTube

  225. Klip Gallery: Zoho

  226. Klipfolio Changelog (2015 and earlier)

  227. Klipfolio Changelog 2016

  228. Klipfolio Data Source Integrations

  229. Klipfolio is rebranding

  230. Klipfolio Quick Start Guide

  231. Klipfolio system requirements

  232. Klipfolio's Legal and Security Policies

  233. Known Issue with Google Analytics

  234. LAST function

  235. LASTINDEXOF function

  236. LEFT function

  237. Locate a data source ID

  238. Logic functions

  239. Lookup Data Sample (Spreadsheet)

  240. LOOKUP function

  241. LOWER function

  242. Managing clients

  243. Managing OAuth tokens for connected accounts

  244. Map Component Region ID Data (Spreadsheet)

  245. MAP function

  246. Marketing Data (Spreadsheet)

  247. Math functions

  248. MAX function

  249. MEDIAN function

  250. MIN function

  251. MOD function

  252. MODE function

  253. Moving Average (Cumulative)

  254. Moving Average (Exponential)

  255. Moving Average (Simple)

  256. Multicomponent: Components palette

  257. Multicomponent: Controls palette

  258. Multicomponent: Klip Design

  259. Multicomponent: Klip versus component

  260. Multicomponent: Label component

  261. Multicomponent: Layout Grid

  262. Multicomponent: Layout panel

  263. Multicomponent: Padding options

  264. Multicomponent: Separator component

  265. Nested formulas

  266. New Klipfolio Payment System Offers Greater Flexibility to Partners

  267. NEW: Add a KlipStart to your dashboard

  268. NEW: Best practices for generating PDF reports

  269. NEW: Best Practices for Large Screen Dashboard Display

  270. NEW: Check out the Klipfolio API Reference online

  271. NEW: Custom single sign-on fails when logging into Klipfolio

  272. NEW: Design tips for the Klipfolio mobile app

  273. NEW: Frequently Asked Questions on Klipfolio Seats and Users

  274. NEW: Getting Started with Klipfolio: Working with Google AdWords

  275. NEW: Getting Started with Klipfolio: Working with Google Analytics Data Sources

  276. NEW: How to build Funnel Chart components

  277. NEW: How to use Vega to extend Klipfolio visualizations

  278. NEW: Install the latest Google AdWords KlipStart (for MCC accounts only)

  279. NEW: Managing your data sources

  280. NEW: Mobile App FAQ

  281. NEW: Payment Frequently Asked Questions

  282. NEW: Removing a Klip, dashboard or data source from the Library

  283. NEW: Signed Authentication Builder (Hash Helper) (advanced)

  284. NEW: Troubleshooting a custom map

  285. NEW: Troubleshooting dynamic data sources

  286. NEW: Troubleshooting Salesforce CSV reports

  287. NEW: Use Slack as a data source

  288. NEW: Use Adobe Analytics as a data source

  289. NEW: Use Alexa as a data source

  290. NEW: Use Atlassian JIRA as a data source

  291. NEW: Use AWeber as a Data Source

  292. NEW: Use Basecamp as a data source

  293. NEW: Use Buffer as a data source

  294. NEW: Use CallRail as a data source

  295. NEW: Use Chargify as a data source

  296. NEW: Use as a data source

  297. NEW: Use Facebook Ads as a data source

  298. NEW: Use FluidSurveys as a data source

  299. NEW: Use Fusebill as a data source

  300. NEW: Use Glassdoor as a data source

  301. NEW: Use Google AdWords as a data source

  302. NEW: Use Google Calendar as a data source

  303. NEW: Use GoSquared as a data source

  304. NEW: Use Harvest as a Data Source

  305. NEW: Use HubSpot as a data source

  306. NEW: Use iFormBuilder as a data source

  307. NEW: Use Insightly as a data source

  308. NEW: Use Instagram as a data source

  309. NEW: Use Intercom as a data source

  310. NEW: Use Lighthouse as a Data Source

  311. NEW: Use Marketo as a data source

  312. NEW: Use Mixpanel as a data source

  313. NEW: Use Moz as a data source

  314. NEW: Use New Relic as a data source

  315. NEW: Use Pardot as a data source

  316. NEW: Use Pipedrive as a data source

  317. NEW: Use QuickBooks as a data source

  318. NEW: Use Quintly as a data source

  319. NEW: Use RSS news feeds as a data source

  320. NEW: Use Shopify as a data source

  321. NEW: Use Stripe as a data source

  322. NEW: Use Swrve as a data source

  323. NEW: Use Taleo as a data source

  324. NEW: Use Talkwalker as a data source

  325. NEW: Use Todoist as a data source

  326. NEW: Use Trello as a data source

  327. NEW: Use VKontakte as a data source

  328. NEW: Use Xero as a data source

  329. NEW: Use Yahoo Finance as a data source

  330. NEW: What’s the difference between viewing a dashboard in the app and viewing a published link to a dashboard?

  331. NEW: Working with Company Properties

  332. NORMSDIST function

  333. NOT function

  334. NOW function

  335. NUMBERFORMAT function

  336. OAuth token expired for connected accounts

  337. Options for launching Klipfolio

  338. OR function

  339. Overview: Working with Klips

  340. PADVALUES function

  341. Partner URL query parameters

  342. POWER function

  343. PREVIOUS: Use iFormBuilder as a data source

  344. Problems deleting a user

  345. Publish links

  346. Push API deprecation, October 30, 2015

  347. Questions about White-Label / OEM / Partner program

  348. RANK function

  349. Redirection of OAuth authentication to another domain

  350. Reference values

  351. Region IDs for APAC Map component

  352. Region IDs for Canadian Map component

  353. Region IDs for European Map component

  354. Region IDs for German Map component

  355. Region IDs for India Map component

  356. Region IDs for Mexico Map component

  357. Region IDs for Netherlands Map component

  358. Region IDs for US Map component

  359. Region IDs for World Map component

  360. REMOVE_EMOJI function

  361. Removing a custom role

  362. Removing a user from a custom role

  363. REPEAT function

  364. REPLACE function

  365. Requesting a trial extension

  366. REVERSE function

  367. RIGHT function

  368. ROUND function

  369. Sales Data (XML file)

  370. SELECT function

  371. Sending Scheduled Email Reports of Klips with variables

  372. SET function

  373. Setting up an IP address range in Klipfolio

  374. Sharing dashboards

  375. Sharing data sources

  376. Sharing Klips

  377. SLICE function

  378. SLOPE function

  379. SORT function

  380. Spawning a dashboard that passes variables

  381. SPLICE function

  382. SQL Databases

  383. STANDARDIZE function

  384. Statistics Functions

  385. STDEV function

  386. STDEVP function

  387. SUBSTITUTE function

  388. SUBSTITUTE_REGEX function

  389. SUBSTRING function

  390. SUM function

  391. SUMIF function

  392. SWITCH function

  393. Text Functions

  394. TEXT_REVERSE function

  395. There is data missing from my Google Analytics query / data source

  396. There is something wrong with my URL

  397. Tips and Techniques - Function examples

  398. Tips and Techniques - Google Analytics examples

  399. Tips and Techniques - Task examples

  400. Tips and Techniques: DATE and DATEVALUE functions

  401. Tips and Techniques: DATERANGE function

  402. Tips and Techniques: DATERANGE function - by month and year

  403. Tips and Techniques: DATE_CONVERT function - Chronological order on X:Axis

  404. Tips and Techniques: GROUP and GROUPBY functions

  405. Tips and Techniques: LOOKUP function

  406. Tips and Techniques: SELECT function

  407. Tips and Techniques: SLICE function

  408. Tips and Techniques: The formula bar

  409. Tips and Techniques: The GROUPBY function - method

  410. Tips and Techniques: Variables

  411. Tips and Tricks

  412. TODAY function

  413. Training Klip - Array, Slice, Reverse, If, and Trim Functions

  414. Training Klip - Concat and Join Functions

  415. Training Klip - Date, Datevalue, and Today Functions

  416. Training Klip - Group and Groupby Functions

  417. Training Klip - Replace function and image URLs

  418. Training Klip - Sum, Average, and Count Functions

  419. TRIM function

  420. TRUNCATE function

  421. Updated: Implementing Single Sign-On

  422. Updates to Klipfolio user permissions

  423. Updating data sources

  424. Upgrading a map component

  425. UPPER function

  426. URLDECODE function

  427. URLENCODE function

  428. Use Asana as a data source

  429. Use Bitly as a data source

  430. Use Box as a data source

  431. Use Campaign Monitor as a data source

  432. Use Cloud Monitor as a data source

  433. Use comScore Digital Analytix as a data source

  434. Use date range parameters to modify data retrieval period

  435. Use Dropbox as a data source

  436. Use Eloqua as a data source

  437. Use Email Attachments as a data source

  438. Use Excel spreadsheets as a data source

  439. Use Facebook as a data source

  440. Use files from your computer as a data source

  441. Use Freshdesk as a data source

  442. Use FTP or SFTP as a data source

  443. Use Google Analytics as a data source

  444. Use Google Analytics to create a Multi-Channel Funnel (MCF) API data source

  445. Use Google Drive Apps as a data source

  446. Use Google Webmaster Tools as a data source

  447. Use Google+ as a data source

  448. Use Heartbeat as a Data Source

  449. Use Infusionsoft as a data source

  450. Use Intervals as a data source

  451. Use LinkedIn as a data source

  452. Use Localytics as a data source

  453. Use MailChimp as a data source

  454. Use Nicereply as a data source

  455. Use Optimizely as a data source

  456. Use Pingdom as a data source

  457. Use Podio as a data source

  458. Use QuickBooks with the Email Attachment Connector

  459. Use Radian6 as a data source

  460. Use RiseVision to display your Klipfolio dashboard on big screen TVs or digital wallboards

  461. Use Salesforce as a data source

  462. Use Searchmetrics as a data source

  463. Use Sendible as a data source

  464. Use ShoreTelSky as a data source

  465. Use Smartsheet as a data source

  466. Use SurveyGizmo as a data source

  467. Use Toggl as a data source

  468. Use Topsy as a data source

  469. Use Twitter as a data source

  470. Use Unbounce as a data source

  471. Use UserVoice as a data source

  472. Use Webtrends as a data source

  473. Use XMLA as a data source

  474. Use YouTube Analytics as a data source

  475. Use Zendesk as a data source

  476. Use Zoho CRM as a data source

  477. User properties

  478. User roles and access permissions

  479. Using Date and Time Formats

  480. Using drill down in a table component

  481. Using HTML and JavaScript with an image

  482. Using hyperlinks to add, reuse or replace a dashboard

  483. Using multiple data sources in a single Klip

  484. Using Smartsheet data: Tips for Success

  485. Using the MAP function to select a set of values in the second array of a JSON file type

  486. Variables

  487. VARIANCE function

  488. VARIANCEP function

  489. Viewing data source failures and refresh history for an account

  490. Viewing data source Refresh Info and Error Log

  491. What is a master account?

  492. What's New

  493. When I change the data parameter in my Google Analytics URL I get an error message

  494. Where can I find Klipfolio how-to videos?

  495. White-Label Options

  496. Whitelist IP Addresses

  497. Why does Klipfolio need specific permissions to connect my service accounts?

  498. Working with spreadsheet data sources (Excel/CSV/tabular formats)

  499. Working with variables and text fields to build a pie chart

  500. Yahoo Stock Quotes (Spreadsheet)

  501. YESTERDAY function

  502. ZTEST function

  503. [March 25, 2014] Reformat formulas that use "null" and user input control component

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