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Component Funnel Chart
Overview The Funnel Chart component allows you to show your data as it moves through the various stages of a process from the top (the widest) to the bottom (the narrowest) as in a funnel. For example, leads to sales, leads to sales conversion.
Key Features

Use different colors to highlight the different stages.
Show labels as a legend or around the Funnel Chart.
Show conversions as a percentage from either the first stage or previous stage of the process.


The Funnel Chart component shows your data moving through a number of stages in a process.  The data is displayed either as one value for each stage of the process, or as a conversion percentage, or both. This component is ideal for Marketing and Sales data, such as lead sales to conversion, or any other value that can be broken down categorically and compared to the big picture. Here is an example of a Funnel Chart.

You can also create a Funnel chart in a Table component:

Component Structure

Here is the structure of the Funnel Chart component. This area of the Klip Editor is called the Component Tree.

Key Features

This section includes key information you need to know when working with the Funnel Chart component.

Selecting data

To build a Funnel Chart you will need to select data for both the Values and Labels sub-components.

Using the SORT function to sort data

If the data is not sorted correctly in your data source, you can use the SORT function to arrange the data in either descending or ascending order. These instructions assume you already have selected the data from your data source for both the Values and Labels sub-components.

  1. Select the Values sub-component from the Component tree.
  2. Select the formula in the Formula Bar
  3. Select the Wrap current value in function button from the Formula Bar, select the Data Manipulation menu, and wrap the SORT function around the formula.
  4. Repeat for the Labels formula.
  5. Copy all existing formulas to the results parameter of each SORT function
  6. Copy the formula you want to sort by to the values parameter of each SORT function
  7. Select the order you want to sort by selecting the type parameter of each SORT function

Using Conversions

When you set a Labels option for your Funnel Chart, you can also select one of three Conversion options:

  • Don't show.
  • As a % of the first stage.
  • As a % of the previous stage.

A Conversion option lets you show a percentage based on either the first stage or the previous stage of the process.

If you select the conversion option As a % of the first stage all stages are calculated on the first stage of the process. For example,

  • the first stage displays as 100%
  • the second stage displays as a percentage of the first stage
  • the third stage displays as a percentage of the second stage
  • and so on

To display only Conversion percentages, select Funnel Chart, Properties Panel, Labels, and uncheck Show values.

Selecting a different color

You can highlight the different stages of the process by assigning each stage a different color.

  1. Select the Funnel Chart component from the Component Tree.
  2. From the Properties panel, select Stage Colors, and then select Override the default colors.
  3. From the Color Palette, select the color you want to change.
  4. From the pop-up Color Palette, select the new color.
  5. Click the Finished button.

The Funnel Chart will automatically resize should the chart be resized at any time. To select a different chart size, select the Funnel Chart component, Properties panel.

Learn more:

You can also create a Funnel chart in a Table component:

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