Klipfolio Changelog 2016


A rolling list of all changes made to Klipfolio.

Note: Microsoft has stated Windows XP, including Windows Internet Explorer 8, End of Life was April 8, 2014. Keeping in step with Microsoft's timeline, Klipfolio will no longer support Internet Explorer 8. We encourage our customers to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer. For more information on Microsoft's support life cycle, see Microsoft Support.

Focus on Klip Editor usability enhancements, mobile app updates, new connectors, and bug fixes.

2016/01/14 Update: Old push API is deprecated. Customers still using this API will now receive a failed 410 error response. New
  • Navigating the formula bar has been improved with support for better keyboard handling including typing in values and deleting nodes.
2015/12/10 Fix:
  • Correction to exiting full screen mode when using view/fs parameter.
2016/01/13 Fixes
  • Enable or disable sorting option for XPath kf:names function for JSON data sources.
  • Hyperlinks to navigate tabs act as expected when clicked multiple times.
2016/01/11 New
  • Free Public Dashboards are available to all Klipfolio customers.
  • Added user limit on Client list to show partners how many users have been allocated to each Client.
  • Intermittent SQL data source refresh issue corrected.
  • Connection to FirebirdSQL restored.
  • Now easier to change data source from JSON to CSV.
  • Enhancements to the purchasing system adds greater flexibility for partners.
Klipfolio for iPhone and Klipfolio for Android v1.3.0 now available:
  • Data sources due for a refresh will now be queued as soon as the app is opened.
  • Tables which have a defined maximum number of visible rows will now respect that limit in the mobile app as well. The body of the table can be scrolled vertically to see any rows that are not visible.
  • Dashboard and Klip titles which use variables are always displayed correctly.
Performance investments.
2015/12/22 Fixes
  • Mini-sparkline in tables shows decimals on hover over.
  • Updates to content in the new Klip Editor tour.
2015/12/17 New Features: Fix:
  • Correction to allow Partners to enable Report downloads for active clients.
22015/12/16 Data Source:
  • Added OAuth authentication for Yahoo to reach assets like Yahoo Fantasy Sports data.
  • New QuickBooks connector added.
  • Updates Klip Editor Tour.
  • Updated Quickbooks data source to automatically refresh and reconfigure the data source.
  • Salesforce reports populating correctly.
  • Updates to in app sidebar help for Marketo.
  • Save Klip performs better.
  • Function COUNT_DAYS now compares more than the first value.
Performance and stability investments.

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