About the Klipfolio Sandbox

A Klipfolio Sandbox account allows Partners with the Preferred Partner - Team plan or higher to test new features and develop dashboard content without impacting Production Accounts. Your Sandbox account, like your Partner account, is set up with Client Management enabled.

Common Sandbox usage includes:  

  • Testing API scripts.

  • Testing custom theming (CSS) changes.

Note that all assets (Klips, Dashboards, Data Sources) in Sandbox are periodically deleted without notice and Data Sources never refresh. For these reasons, a Sandbox account is not well suited for testing Klip designs or building dashboards. It is primarily designed for API and CSS testing.

The Klipfolio Sandbox is an unmonitored environment. If you have a key initiative or project you think might be well suited for the Sandbox, please contact success@klipfolio.com at least two business days prior to when you need it so that we can ensure it’s ready to to go.

Sandbox does not contain pre-release features. Instead, Sandbox is:

  • A blank slate for experimentation purposes.

  • Not synced with Production. You can’t copy or import data from Sandbox to Production or vice versa, other than by manually copying klip source code.

  • Performance will not be consistent with the Production environment.

Contact success@klipfolio.com today to have your account set up.

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