Copying and pasting formula elements

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  • Learn how to copy and paste formula elements.
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How to copy and paste formula elements

When working with formulas and functions in the formula editor, you can copy and paste elements of your formula. This feature can save time and effort, especially when you need to use an extended formula like in a spark line or bullet chart. You can copy and paste virtually any element of your formula, from a single element like a selection of data to a nested formula.

Tip! Check out this article to learn more about nested formulas.

To copy and paste formula elements

Note: These procedures assume you are in the Klip Editor as a result of building a Klip or editing a Klip.

  1. Select the formula element by clicking on the function title or the data selection.
  2. Press CTRL+C / Command+C with the formula element selected.

  1. Select where you want to paste the formula element (eg, nested in a function, in another Klip component.
  2. Press CTRL+V / Command+V.

The formula element is copy and pasted in the new location.

Example of copying and pasting formula elements

This feature is one of the most important tools in the Klip Editor, and as you start assembling more complex Klips, you will find this feature has many applications. This list provides a few examples of particularly useful ways to apply this feature.

Bullet Charts

Bullet charts are assembled by assigning 3 data points in the following order: target value, live value, and comparative value. Unless your data source comes preformatted with these values, you will need to provide these values using a nested formula such as the ARRAY/JOIN method. The following example is taken from the Example - Marketing Traffic Sources Klip in the Klip Developer's Guide.

In this example, we want to create 3 bullet charts using an identical format but different values. We have already created the first bullet chart formula and want to use this template to create two more bullet charts. Select the nested JOIN function and press CTRL+C.

Next, we will select the first ARRAY function, click the data link in the ARRAY, and then press CTRL+V. A duplicate of the first bullet chart is inserted into the formula.

To create a unique bullet chart, all you need to do is replace the values in the duplicate formula. Once you have your formula created, just copy, paste, and replace the values for your third bullet chart.

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