This guide provides instructions for developing a range of example Klips. Each Klip in this guide illustrates important concepts and skills to help you start developing Klips for your own organization. This guide is designed to be worked through sequentially and each section builds off the previous section to introduce more advanced concepts.

This guide is organized in the following way:

What are "example Klips"?

We've assembled 8 example Klips to show you a few of the ways you can use Klips in Klipfolio. You have full access to these Klips on your dashboard and can view them in the Klip Editor any time you want. 

What are "example data sources"?

We've provided access to the data sources backing each Klip on the Examples. If you don't have access to these data sources in your Library, then you can always download the data file from the Sample data source section.

Additional resources

This support site has lots of articles that are designed to help you better understand how to use Klipfolio. We've included links to relevant articles in each section of this guide, but feel free to browse or search this site whenever you need an answer to a question. 

Here's a list of articles that you may find useful to read before starting this guide:

Start building the first Klip in this guide...

Klip Tutorials

  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction to the Build-a-Klip Tutorial
  3. Build-a-Klip Tutorial: Phase One
  4. Build-a-Klip Tutorial: Phase Two
  5. Build-a-Klip Tutorial: Phase Three
  6. Build-a-Klip Tutorial: Phase Four
  7. Build-a-Klip Tutorial: Phase Five
  8. Example - Revenue YTD Klip
  9. Example - Financial Performance YTD Klip
  10. Example - World News Klip
  11. Example - Bookings by Country Klip
  12. Example - Bookings QTD Klip
  13. Example - Stock Quotes Klip
  14. Example - Marketing Traffic Sources Klip
  15. Example - 75/20 Service Level - Today Klip
  16. Training Klip - Array, Slice, Reverse, If, and Trim Functions
  17. Training Klip - Sum, Average, and Count Functions
  18. Training Klip - Group and Groupby Functions
  19. Training Klip - Date, Datevalue, and Today Functions
  20. Training Klip - Replace function and image URLs
  21. Training Klip - Concat and Join Functions
  22. Common Bar/Line Chart scenarios: Example of using the LOOKUP function with a condition to align data
  23. Common Bar/Line Chart scenarios: Example of using the LOOKUP function to align data
  24. Common User Input Control scenarios: Displaying total boxes of fruit sold in the last three months
  25. Common User Input Control scenarios: Counting all tickets by quarter, by month, by weekday
  26. Common Table scenarios: Selecting start and end dates to display number of boxes sold by country
  27. Common Table scenarios: Sorting data to display the video with the highest number of views
  28. Common Pie Chart scenarios: Displaying total number of surveys as a percentage by country
  29. Common Pie Chart scenarios: Displaying numbers and percentages in a pie chart legend

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