Klip Gallery: Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics is a search engine optimization tool. It takes a data driven approach using search and content optimization marketing.

In this article:

  • See which Klips are available for this service in the Gallery
  • Find out how to connect your Searchmetrics data when adding a Klip from the Gallery

Klip Gallery: Searchmetrics

If you have a Klipfolio account, you can add these Searchmetrics Klips from the Gallery to your dashboard:

Description Klip
Winning Keywords
Leverage the winning keywords for your website and increase your search traffic.

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Value of Traffic vs Competitors (Last Month)
Discover last month's estimated paid value of organic search traffic in USD.

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Top 10 Social Domains
Discover social visibility for the top 10 URLs associated with your domain name.

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Social Visibility vs Competitors
Compare the social visibility of your URL to your competitors.

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Estimated Value of Search Traffic
Monitor the estimated value of your search traffic and compare it to the previous month.

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Deeplinks Ratio
Compare your domain's homepage links and deeplinks on a pie chart.

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SEO Visibility
Compare this week's SEO visibility to the previous week and discover the trend.

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Organic Keywords
Discover the number of organic keywords linked to a domain name and country code, and compare it to the previous month.

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SEO Visibility vs Competitors
Stay on top of the game and compare your SEO visibility to your competitors.

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Organic Keywords vs Competitors
Compare Organic searches of your domain in comparison with searches of your competitor's domains.

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Searchmetrics connection flow

In order to add an Searchmetrics Klip with your data to your dashboard, you will need:

  • Your Searchmetrics API Key
  • Your Searchmetrics API Secret

To add an Searchmetrics Klip to your dashboard:

Location Action
  • Select an Searchmetrics Klip from the Gallery.
  • In the Connect to Services dialog box, you are asked for your Searchmetrics API Key and Secret.
  • To find your Searchmetrics API Key and API Secret, login to your Searchmetrics account.
  • In Searchmetrics, select the Settings dropdown menu.
  • Select My API.
  • Copy your API Key and API Secret and paste it into Klipfolio.
  • Click Next Step.
  1. In the Data source settings dialog box, enter your domain or subomain and (depending on the Klip), and competitor domain name(s).
  2. Depending on your Klip, choose a Country Code. This allows you to see your domain rankings in a certain country.

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