Klipfolio Data Source Integrations

What data sources does Klipfolio connect to?

With Klipfolio, you can connect to almost any data source you can name. We have built in connectors with integrated authentication for many of the most popular services our customers are using. In addition, our flexible platform allows customers to connect to data sources for which we do not yet have built-in connectors.

The following list of services, applications and data repositories that you can connect to with Klipfolio is just the tip of the iceberg. This list is updated regularly as our customers are connecting to new services all the time. Please check back to see updates.

Can't find the integration you're looking for? If your data source has an API, you can try connecting to it from our Web Accessible Resource connector. Click here to learn more.

You will find how-to articles on many of the data sources we connect to in the Klipfolio Knowledge Base under Connecting to Data Sources.

Data repositories and data types:

Using Files from your computer, FTP or SFTP, DropBox, Box, Google Drive or as an email attachment

  • Excel
  • CSV
  • XML
  • JSON
  • GoogleSheet (only with Google Drive)

SQL Queries

  • MySQL
  • Oracle Thin
  • Oracle OCI
  • Sybase SQL Anywhere
  • PostgreSQL
  • Firebird
  • DB2


The following are services that we connect to either directly or for which we have instructions on how to connect.

A to F G to L M to R S to Z
Adobe Analytics Alexa Asana AWeber Basecamp Bitly Buffer CallRail Campaign Monitor Chargify comScore Digital Analytix Desk.com Eloqua Facebook Facebook Ads FluidSurveys Freshdesk Fusebill Glassdoor GoSquared Google+ Google AdWords Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnel (MCF) via Google Analytics Google Calendar Google Webmaster Tools Harvest Heartbeat HubSpot iFormBuilder Infusionsoft Insightly Instagram Intercom Intervals Jira LinkedIn Localytics
MailChimp Marketo Mixpanel Moz New Relic Nicereply Optimizely Pardot Pipedrive Pingdom Podio QuickBooks Quintly Radian6/Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Searchmetrics Sendible Shopify Shore Telsky Slack Smartsheet Stripe Surveygizmo Swrve Redbooth Taleo Business Edition (Oracle) Talkwalker Todoist Toggl Topsy Trello Twitter Unbounce UserVoice VK (VKontakte) WatchMouse WebTrends Xero Yahoo Finance YouTube Analytics Zendesk Zoho

Additional data sources

This is a partial list of over 500 additional services and applications that our customers are connecting to using Klipfolio. While Klipfolio has not tested all of these connections, our customers have been successful connecting to these services and applications. Is there something missing or incorrect on this list? Let us know. Send email to success@Klipfolio.com.

A to F G to L M to R S to Z
1ShoppingCart 30Boxes 3dcart 3scale 42matters 5pmweb Active Campaign Acuity Adaa Entry AddThis Afdaling AffinityLive Aftership All Clients CRM Ananke api2cart AppFigures APSIS Asterisk Aura Authorize.Net Avanser Azorus BambooHR Banque de France Beanstalk BeeBole Benzinga Bing BitBucket Bitebankmedia Blockchain BlockScan Brand Watch BrandRepublic Brightcove BrightLocal Buzzsumo Canvas Capsule CRM CarnivalMobile CartoDB Caspio CBC Blogmeter Chartbeat CiviCRM Clickbank Close.io CloudMonitor (WatchMouse) CloudSET CNBC CNET CNN CoBrowser.net CommerceGate ConstantContact ContentCapsule CopperEgg CoreMetrics CREATESEND Crimson Hexagon Crisply Daisycon dapulse Dean Clatworthy Delighted DeployBot Deep Crawl desk devstat DialogTech DisputeSuite EasyToBook.com EcoMonix EmpowHer Encoda Etherios Etisalat Euphoria Euroads EuroGamer Eventials Everyware-Cloud Expressen Feber FeedBlitz FeedBurner Ferst Fidelity FloatRates Floktu Flowdock Flurry Follow Up Boss Forecast.io Formstack Fortnox Foursquare FreshBooks Freshservice Fulcrum Functionpoint FuseDesk Gallup Gemius GenieConnect GetResponse360 Getstat Github GlobalReach GlobiFlow Globo GoCardless Goomeo Gridwatch GroundControl Groupon Has Offers Heartbeat (Sysomo) HelpScout Heroku Highrise Holidaycars Host Papa Hosted Graphite I Like Voice IADB iCims iContact iJento Iltalehti.fi ImageTrend Import Infegy InsiteOut InternetRetailer iTunes Jenkins Jingl JotForm Kanbanize Kapost Kayako Keen IO Kegbot Keyhole KimonoLabs Kinvey Kissmetrics KiyOh Klokoo Klout Lighthouse LinkPulse LiquidPlanner LiveChatInc.com localagentfinder.com.au Looker Magneticone Majestic SEO MalaPronta MariaDB Marketfy Maropost MartinUzziDigital Mashape Mavenlink MaxTraffic Me Naiset MeetUp Meltwater Mention Meteorologisk Institutt Metronet MindBody MoneyBird Monitis Mozenda Multivector MyIntervals Netbiter Net-Results Netway Nomado Notablygood NZ Herald Oktopost Ombea OmegaWave ON24 Ongage Ontraport Oogst Online Marketing OpenExchangeRates Opvizor Outbrain PagerDuty Pantheon Parse Parse Core Pastebin PerformMatch PivotalTracker PIWIK Pronto Proventix Proworkflow Quandl QuickInfo Raven Recognia Recurly RedX Replicon Safe SailThru samanage Santos CMI SAP SchoolTracs ScienceDaily Seeketing Segment Segs SEMrush SendGrid SerpBook ServiceNow ShareThis ShipWorks shop2market Siketing SingularFactory Site24x7 SocialBoards Soonr Southeast Farm Press Spartz SpiderOak Stampi Startsiden StatHat StatusCake StepValue Stripe Sucuri SugarCRM SunFunder Symantec Tailored Apps Target 4 Teamwork PM The Money Converter The Weather Network Tick Time Tracker Tilaa TimeOffManager TNS Gallup To-Tuscany Totango TradeTracker Trafi Trucast TrueSocialMetrics Tumblr TSheets TweetReach Twilio Twitter Counter Typeform Ubersmith UltraCart Uniserv Upshare Valarm Visual Website Optimizer VMware Watercress Weather.com WHCMS Wistia WooCommerce WP Engine Wufoo Wunderlist Yahoo Yahoo Finance Zanox Zoobe ZUmail ZUPROFIT

Connecting to data sources

  1. Klipfolio Data Source Integrations
  2. Creating data sources
  3. Best practices for uploading your data
  4. Updating data sources
  5. About data source refresh
  6. Install the latest Google Analytics KlipStart Dashboard
  7. NEW: Install the latest Google AdWords KlipStart (for MCC accounts only)
  8. Guide to Web Accessible (REST API) data sources
  9. Authentication method: OAuth Token Authentication for Web Accessible Data Source
  10. Why does Klipfolio need specific permissions to connect my service accounts?
  11. Authentication method: 2 Step Authentication
  12. Authentication method: Basic HTTP Authentication
  13. Authentication method: API Key Authentication
  14. Managing OAuth tokens for connected accounts
  15. Use date range parameters to modify data retrieval period
  16. NEW: Signed Authentication Builder (Hash Helper) (advanced)
  17. Locate a data source ID
  18. SQL Databases
  19. Use files from your computer as a data source
  20. Use Email Attachments as a data source
  21. Use Excel spreadsheets as a data source
  22. NEW: Use Adobe Analytics as a data source
  23. NEW: Use Alexa as a data source
  24. Use Asana as a data source
  25. NEW: Use Atlassian JIRA as a data source
  26. NEW: Use AWeber as a Data Source
  27. NEW: Use Basecamp as a data source
  28. Use Bitly as a data source
  29. Use Box as a data source
  30. NEW: Use Buffer as a data source
  31. NEW: Use CallRail as a data source
  32. Use Campaign Monitor as a data source
  33. NEW: Use Chargify as a data source
  34. Use Cloud Monitor as a data source
  35. Use comScore Digital Analytix as a data source
  36. NEW: Use Desk.com as a data source
  37. Use Dropbox as a data source
  38. Use Eloqua as a data source
  39. Use Facebook as a data source
  40. NEW: Use Facebook Ads as a data source
  41. NEW: Use FluidSurveys as a data source
  42. Use Freshdesk as a data source
  43. NEW: Use Fusebill as a data source
  44. Use FTP or SFTP as a data source
  45. NEW: Use Glassdoor as a data source
  46. Use Google+ as a data source
  47. NEW: Use Google AdWords as a data source
  48. Use Google Analytics as a data source
  49. Use Google Analytics to create a Multi-Channel Funnel (MCF) API data source
  50. NEW: Use Google Calendar as a data source
  51. Use Google Drive Apps as a data source
  52. Use Google Webmaster Tools as a data source
  53. NEW: Use Harvest as a Data Source
  54. NEW: Use GoSquared as a data source
  55. Use Heartbeat as a Data Source
  56. NEW: Use HubSpot as a data source
  57. NEW: Use iFormBuilder as a data source
  58. PREVIOUS: Use iFormBuilder as a data source
  59. Use Infusionsoft as a data source
  60. NEW: Use Insightly as a data source
  61. NEW: Use Instagram as a data source
  62. NEW: Use Intercom as a data source
  63. Use Intervals as a data source
  64. NEW: Use Lighthouse as a Data Source
  65. Use LinkedIn as a data source
  66. Use Localytics as a data source
  67. Use MailChimp as a data source
  68. NEW: Use Mixpanel as a data source
  69. NEW: Use Marketo as a data source
  70. NEW: Use Moz as a data source
  71. NEW: Use New Relic as a data source
  72. Use Nicereply as a data source
  73. Use Optimizely as a data source
  74. NEW: Use Pardot as a data source
  75. Use Pingdom as a data source
  76. NEW: Use Pipedrive as a data source
  77. Use Podio as a data source
  78. NEW: Use QuickBooks as a data source
  79. Use QuickBooks with the Email Attachment Connector
  80. NEW: Use Quintly as a data source
  81. Use Radian6 as a data source
  82. NEW: Use RSS news feeds as a data source
  83. Use Salesforce as a data source
  84. Use Searchmetrics as a data source
  85. Use Sendible as a data source
  86. NEW: Use Shopify as a data source
  87. Use ShoreTelSky as a data source
  88. NEW: Use Slack as a data source
  89. Use Smartsheet as a data source
  90. NEW: Use Stripe as a data source
  91. Use SurveyGizmo as a data source
  92. NEW: Use Swrve as a data source
  93. Use Toggl as a data source
  94. NEW: Use Trello as a data source
  95. NEW: Use Taleo as a data source
  96. NEW: Use Talkwalker as a data source
  97. NEW: Use Todoist as a data source
  98. Use Topsy as a data source
  99. Use Twitter as a data source
  100. Use UserVoice as a data source
  101. NEW: Use VKontakte as a data source
  102. Use Webtrends as a data source
  103. NEW: Use Xero as a data source
  104. Use XMLA as a data source
  105. NEW: Use Yahoo Finance as a data source
  106. Use YouTube Analytics as a data source
  107. Use Zendesk as a data source
  108. Use Zoho CRM as a data source
  109. Automate data upload using the data source API
  110. Use Unbounce as a data source
  111. Data examples

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