How to use hyperlinks in a Klip


Overview Hyperlinks help you navigate to external resources and to other dashboards within Klipfolio.
These components
support hyperlinks:
Inline Frame component
Label component
Map component
News component
Table component
Value Pair component
Key Features Provide custom anchor text for hyperlinks.
Use tab permalinks for dashboard navigation.


Hyperlinks provide users the ability to navigate to external resources and navigate quickly within the dashboard. You can add hyperlinks to your dashboard that:

  • Link to other websites.
  • Link to other dashboards.
  • Reuse dashboards.
  • Replace dashboards.

Adding a hyperlink to your Klip

To add a hyperlink to your Klip,

  1. Drag a component that supports hyperlinks into the Klip workspace.
  2. Select the Properties panel.
  3. At Format as, select Hyperlink.

  4. Select the Data panel.
  5. Select the Insert Literal String or Number button.
  6. At Insert Text or Number, use the following syntax: My Dashboard|

Result: My Dashboard is now a link.

Customizing anchor text using the ARRAY function

To create a list of hyperlinks in your Klip, use the ARRAY function. For more information, see ARRAY function.

  1. Select the DATA panel.
  2. Click the Insert function button.
  3. Select ARRAY.
  4. In the formula bar, select the data element in the ARRAY function.
  5. Click the Insert literal string or number button.
  6. At Insert Text or Number, use the following syntax: My Dashboard|
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 until the list of links is complete:
    ARRAY (My Dashboard|, Klipfolio|, Support|

Result: My Dashboard, Klipfolio, Support are now links.

To use dashboard permalinks

Every dashboard you create in Klipfolio has a permalink associated with it. To link to a different dashboard in your account, use the permalink tab ID.

Retrieving the permalink dashboard ID

To find a dashboard's permalink:

  1. On your dashboard, select Library.
  2. Select Dashboards.
  3. Select a dashboard title from the list.
    You are now on the dashboard properties page.
  4. In the address bar, copy the dashboard ID to your clipboard.

The dashboard ID is the last part of the parmalink:

Adding the dashboard permalink to a Klip

  1. In the Klip Editor, select the Data panel.
  2. Select the Insert a literal string or number button.
  3. At Insert Text or Number, paste the tab ID using the following format:
    Anchor Text|#tab-tabID
  4. Click the Apply button.

Result: Your dashboard is now a link.

For more information on dashboards, see Working with dashboards.

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