How to build Pie Chart components


Component Pie Chart
Overview Use a circular graph to show individual values and/or percentages in relation to a whole, such as poll results or regional revenue breakdowns.
Key Features Use a pie or donut style
Show labels with tooltips and as a legend or around chart
Display values and/or percentages with the chart
Highlight "slices" of the chart on the dashboard by hovering over them


The Pie Chart component allows you to compare individual values and/or percentages in a relation to a whole. This component is ideal for displaying data such as regional sales figures, poll results, or any other value that can be broken down categorically and compared to the big picture. Here is an example of this component using the "pie" style.

Component Structure

Here is the structure of the Pie Chart component. This area of the Klip Editor is called the Component Tree.

Key Features

This section provides examples of different ways to use the Pie Chart component.

To choose a chart style

You can choose from one of two styles for your chart: a pie (pictured above), or a donut (pictured below).

Changing a chart style

  1. Select Pie Chart from the component tree.
  2. On the Properties panel, choose a Pie Style.

To use chart labels

You have three label options:

  • Hide labels.
  • Show labels around the pie chart.
  • Show labels in a legend.

Within your labels, you have the option to display data in the form of percentages and/or values.
Even if you choose to hide the labels from your chart, you will still be able to see labels as a tooltip by hovering your mouse pointer over any section of the chart.

Setting label appearance

  1. Select Pie Chart from the Component Tree.
  2. From the Labels menu, select a label appearance style
  3. Optional: From the Labels menu, choose Show values and/or Show percentage.

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