NEW: Troubleshooting dynamic data sources


If you have a Klip that uses a dynamic data sources, it may not be displaying information as expected. In Klipfolio, you can troubleshoot and debug this from the About this Data Source and debug_info pages.

For more information about creating dynamic data sources, see BETA: Working with dynamic data sources.

Note: Dynamic Data Sources only work in Klipfolio when they are created that way fom the beginning. You cannot change a current, static data source to a Dynamic Data Source.

Troubleshooting dynamic data sources

To debug dynamic data sources,

  1. On your dashboard, select Library.
  2. Select the Data Sources tab.
  3. Select your dynamic data source.
    Tip: You can tell if a data source is dynamic when the download option is not available.
  4. On the About this Data Source page, navigate to the URL in the address bar.
  5. In the URL, replace view with debug_info

Debug_Info Page

You are now in the debug_info page. Notice how debug_info is in the URL.

Scroll down to the Instances section.

You may have an invalid data source instance if:

  • The last refresh value is empty.
  • Properties associated with the dynamic data source are invalid or missing.
    Note: Property values - prop: - correspond to the dynamic properties, are also referred to as variables, specified in the data source defiinition.

Troubleshooting options include:

  • Click x to delete an instance that is not valid. Note: This does not delete the data source, just the instance that you selected.
  • Refresh a specific data source instance rather than all instances included in dynamic data source.
    Note: The manual refresh option on the the About this Data Source page is not available for dynamic data sources.
  • Click data to view the specific data source instance. This will help you validate and see errors in that particular data source instance.

Managing dynamic data sources with multiple properties

Dynamic data sources can have multiple variables associated with them. If an invalid combination of property values is set, an invalid data source instance will be created. Therefore, in cases where there are multiple properties associated with a dynamic data source, those properties should be associated with a submit Button component. This way, the user can be restricted from selecting invalid combinations of properties and only valid instances will be created.

Important: We do not recommend using start and end dates as properties for dynamic data sources.

If you need additional assistance debugging dynamic data sources, contact

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