NEW: Troubleshooting Salesforce CSV reports

You may experience difficulty when importing Salesforce CSV data into Klipfolio. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

Detailed CSV data not displaying

  • The Salesforce API returns a maximum of 2000 rows. As a result, your request may be returning too much data.


  • Apply filters to your report(s), build new reports that you are interested in accessing from Klipfolio, or build a SOQL query, which will give you more rows.


  • Submit the query using the JSON option.
  • Check the value of the allData property of the response.
  • If the allData property is set to true, then you should expect the Detailed CSV data option to provide data.
  • If the allData property is set to false, then the data returned from the request is too large, or is unavailable and detailed rows cannot be retrieved.

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