NEW: Add a KlipStart to your dashboard

Many of our customers use cloud services such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Salesforce. If you’re using these services, you probably want to access some fairly common metrics, and KPIs that are critical to your organization.

KlipStarts help customers quickly gain valuable insights that help them tell the story of their performance. KlipStarts are part of an on-going program of pre-built dashboards that offer a complete set of meaningful Klips against data from Google Analytics and Google AdWords. Trial customers have the option to add a KlipStart during the sign-up process. Existing accounts (including existing trials, customers and partners) can add KlipStarts via the Add a dashboard panel. Customers or partners who have the optional white label add-on will not see KlipStarts in the Add a dashboard panel. These accounts have access to KlipStart dashboards via a URL (see below).

So, how does an existing account (trial, customer, or partner) add KlipStarts?

We've made the process for adding a KlipStart fast and easy.

  1. Sign into Klipfolio and then click the plus symbol to Add a dashboard.This will open the dashboard library.
  2. Select a KlipStart to add to your dashboard (you can add one at a time).
  3. Follow the prompts to connect your Google account.

  4. Authenticate your Google account.

  5. Once the authentication process is complete, a Connected screen appears.

  6. Click on Go to my Dashboard, and voila! Your pre-built dashboard is ready to go!

So, how do white-label customers and partners access KlipStart dashboards?

Customers or partners who have the optional white-label add-on can access KlipStart dashboards using the following links:

Add the Google Analytics KlipStart to my account

Add the Google AdWords KlipStart to my account

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