NEW: Custom single sign-on fails when logging into Klipfolio

If the single sign-on token for a company account expires, or if a company’s single sign-on token is regenerated, a user might not be able to log into Klipfolio.

To troubleshoot this problem:

  1. Check for any error messages in the Event Log of your Klipfolio account.
  2. Validate a user’s single sign-on token using our “Testing Tool". Note: You must use a user’s single sign-on token, and not the company’s single sign-on key to perform this test.
  3. Take note of any generated error message.
  4. Go to the Error Handling section in the document titled “Implementing Single Sign-on for Klipfolio" and review the description associated with the error message noted in Step 3.
  5. Take corrective action.

If the problem persists, send an email to our Support Team at that includes details of the user’s single sign-on token and the generated error message.

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