OAuth token expired for connected accounts


OAuth tokens are a way for you to approve an application such as Facebook and Twitter to act on your behalf without sharing your user credentials. If you have trouble accessing a data source, it may be because your OAuth Token has expired. Reasons for expiration include:

  • You changed your password
  • You decided not to allow  an application to access your account
  • Some services may require re-authentication (for example, Facebook requires re-authorization every two months).

Re-authorizing an expired OAuth Token

  1. Log into your Klipfolio account. 
  2. From the main dashboard page, click the Account link.
  3. Select the Connected Accounts (formerly OAuth Tokens) tab.
  4. Click the Name of the applicable token that requires re-authorization. The token properties page appears. 
  5. Click the Re-Authorize button in the token properties page. Some APIs may require you to log into your account. 

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