Changelog 27.1


July 23, 2014 - Release Primary Themes: Performance and Stability


  1. On July 22, Klipfolio Dashboard upgraded to a new environment that required you to whitelist an additional IP address: If you currently whitelist Klipfolio IP addresses, you must whitelist this new IP address to avoid service disruptions.
  2. For customers using custom domain aliases, please update your domain alias as advised in the Klipfolio support email from July 9th.

New Features

  • Import enhancements:
    • Improved messages to confirm successful import.
    • Smoother import into clients.
    • Ability to import Klips/Tabs using user properties.
  • Performance improvements:
    • Improved asset query performance through query optimization - this will impact a number of areas of Klipfolio and API calls, including when we provide lists of assets.
  • Usability enhancements:
    • The Array function now supports commas for improved performance by allowing the user to specify each cell separately. For example, ARRAY(A1, B1, C1, D1 data ).
  • Management and Support improvements:
  • Data Sources:
    • Added support for Github using our Web Accessible Resource connector and OAuth.
    • Ongoing infrastructure investments and other ‘under the hood’ improvements to the API, application performance, stability, security and payment system.

Bug Fixes

    Data Handling
    • Improved alignment between GROUP and GROUPBY data sets.
    • Performance enhancements to Table results rows.
    • COUNTDISTINCT now returns correct values in all cases. 
    • Dashboard properties no longer show components that have been removed.
    • Performance and reliability optimizations made to imaging process (including PDF generation) to improve scheduled e-mails
    • Multiple instances of the same Klip/Tab-scoped variables treated as unique variables. 
    • Empty references removed from formulas when executed.
    • Drilldown Klip does not become corrupted when Dashboard errors occur. 
    • Klips containing errors do not result in Dashboard corruption. 
    • Corrected mass data source  delete error issue.
    • Default values in components are not to be serialized.
    • Improved gauge component when not using Klip cache.
    • Maximum value on gauge component displays correctly. 
    • Value Pair property setting renders properly in mini-charts.
    • Klips created by a partner in a client account can now be edited by Administrators for that client.
    • Klip Editor shows Formula errors. 
    • User names that contain a comma now supported.
    • Correctly display drill down tables in Klips with multiple components.
    Data Sources
    • Dynamic data sources are properly tagged with the ‘is_dynamic’ property.
    • Enhancements to Google Analytics Connector to address encoded semicolons before profile ID and to trim hidden characters from end of url.
    • Google Drive data sources no longer show ‘unknown’ in Data Source Import wizard.
    • Improved missing data handling for JSON data sources.
    • Klips now always update to newest instance of dynamic data sources using multiple dynamic properties.
    API Enhancements
    • Administrator in parent account can add Klip instances to tabs in Client.
    • Datasource.blacklist client settings no longer accept invalid values.
    • Dynamic data sources can be refreshed by instance instead of all. An error will occur if the user tries to refresh the dynamic data source instead of the instance. 
    • GET/POST/PUT/DELETE groups from client accounts now respect share rights.

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