Data source fails to refresh and becomes disabled

When a data source fails to refresh after 5 attempts in a row, the data source will become disabled. When a data source becomes disabled, it is flagged by a red exclamation mark, located at the top right hand corner of the Klip. If you do not see the red exclamation mark when logged in, check with your administrator to see if you have view data source warnings permissions. From the red exclamation mark, click the data source link to go to the About this Data source page to re-enable the data source, or click the gear icon located at the top right of a Klip, select About this Klip and from the Uses Data Sources list, select a data source link.

To help avoid this problem from re-occurring, check for one of the following possible reasons.

  1. Some APIs, like Google Analytics, are imposing a limit on the number of requests per profile, number of concurrent requests per profile, and the number of tokens per Google user account. For more information on the Google Analytics API, see Configuration and Reporting API Limits and Quotas
  2. Some OAuth tokens expire on a regular basis. For example, you need to re-authorize a Facebook OAuth token every two months.
  3. Some APIs impose a limit to the size of file you can upload. For example, most Box users are restricted to a maximum file size of 250 MB.
  4. Some data sources, such as SQL data sources inside your firewall, might need you to white-list our Klipfolio dashboard IP addresses. For more information on our IP addresses, see Frequently Asked Questions
  5. A query might be incorrect. For example, a Google Analytics query returns a "Connection Service" error if there is a line break at the end of a query.
  6. A formula in the Klip might be incorrect. For example, the data might now contain a blank cell and Klip data might not be rendering correctly.
  7. A file name might be incorrect. For example, a file in Dropbox might have been replaced using a different file name and it is not now recognized by the Klip.

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