What's New

What's New

This article describes the new features for Klipfolio.

New features in version 27

Components Palette

You can now use the Components Palette to add multiple components to a Klip. The Components Pallete is part of the Klip Editor and contains a list of components that you can drag and drop onto your Klip.

Layout Grid Component

The Layout Grid component is a container of cells broken up by horizontal and vertical gridlines. The Layout Grid component helps you position components side-by-side or one above the other. You can add and delete rows and columns. You can specify heights and widths for each cell. You can span across rows and columns.

Layout Panel

The Layout Panel, at the bottom of the Klip Editor, lets you adjust the properties of each cell within a Layout Grid component . With the Layout Panel, you can specify cell width, height, padding, span, and alignment.

Controls Palette

The Controls Palette is part of the Klip Editor and contains controls relevant to a selected component. Typically, these are buttons to add or remove data series, columns, rows, or ranges.

Label Component

The Label Component is a simple, flexible, component for displaying text, numbers, and mini charts. With the Label component you are able to create section headers and add descriptions to a Klip.

Separator Component

The Separator component lets you create visual separation between components within a Klip. The Separator is a line that can be vertical or horizontal, dashed or solid, and includes options for setting the thickness and color. The most common use of the Separator is within a Layout Grid. However, a horizontal separator is also valuable within a Klip for vertical separation of components when not using a Layout Grid.

Consistent Component Padding

Prior to this release, each component type had a different amount of fixed padding. This has been revised so that all components now have zero padding. Padding is now provided at the Klip and Layout Grid component level, and defaults to 10 pixels. Klip-level padding defaults to 10 pixels. Layout Grid cell-level padding defaults to 5 pixels. Controls are provided to flexibly adjust the padding.

Table Component Border

Table components now have a border and padding around them making them consistent with all other components. To revert to the old look, you can set the Klip’s padding to zero and turn off the Table component’s border.

Image Component

The Image component has been upgraded with new capabilities to work better within the Layout Grid component. You have better control over image scale and can set images to fill the width available to them.

Input Controls

Input Control components now scale horizontally to fit the width available to them. This makes it easier to set up collections of control within a Klip when using the Layout Grid component and for keeping everything aligned.

Context Menus

A context menu is now available when working with components in the Klip Editor. With a context menu, you can right-click on a component in the preview window or in the component tree and copy and paste it to another cell within a Layout Grid component, or to another Klip.

Searchmetrics Data source Connector

Klipfolio now supports Searchmetrics. A new connector is available where customers are required to provide their API key (username) and secret (password).

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