Requesting a trial extension

The initial trial period for becoming familiar with Klipfolio is 14 days. If you find you are unable to complete testing within this time period, you can request a trial extension.

On the last day of your trial period, you are directed to a page where you can either purchase a licence for Klipfolio or request to have your account's expiry date extended.

Extending your account using Twitter

To extend your trial account using Twitter, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Click the Tweet to extend your trial link.

Step 2: Click the Authorize app button to authorize the Klipfolio Trial Extender application to access your Klipfolio account.

Step 3: Select a tweet from the drop-down list or tell us why you need a little more time.

When your tweet is posted, the expiry date is automatically extended for another 14 day period.  This is a one-time extension.

You can also request to have your trial account extended by e-mailing our Sales Team at

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