How to use the Klipfolio Preview Environment

The Klipfolio Preview Environment (Preview) is a parallel system to the Klipfolio Production Environment (Production). Preview is periodically updated with pre-release versions of Klipfolio and provides you with an opportunity to test, explore and experiment with upcoming feature additions without impacting your dashboard in Production.

How to login to Preview

Iyou plan to access SQL-based data sources, files or other sources of data that reside inside your firewall when using Preview, add the following IP address to the list of addresses that have already been whitelisted:

You can access Preview with your regular Klipfolio username and password at the following URL:

Note: The Klipfolio Preview Environment is accessible at any time.

Differences between Preview and Production

Warning: We will periodically overwrite Preview with content from Production, at which time you will lose any changes you've made in Preview. We will often refrain from such updates for the duration of scheduled testing periods.

Preview is a place to try out new features and see how they relate to your dashboard. It is not a place to complete workplace critical tasks. Here is a list of important differences between Production and Preview:

Klip Data (data from your data sources):

  • Your data will not be in Preview by default, and automatic data source refreshing is disabled.
  • Before you start, you will need to manually refresh the data sources you need for your testing.
  • If you have data from the Upload a File connector, you will need to manually upload your data.
  • If you have data from the Email Attachment connector, contact us at
  • If your data resides inside firewalls, you may need to white-list the Preview server.

Domain Data (Dashboards, Klips, Data Sources, Users, Groups, etc.):

  • Preview’s dashboards, Klips, data sources, users, groups, etc. will reflect Production as of the latest update to Preview. It will not always reflect your current content in Production. Changes in Production will not be reflected in Preview until the next update to Preview.
  • Changes made in Preview will not affect your existing Klipfolio in Production.
  • You will not be able to create new Users in Preview.
  • Your e-mails schedules will exist, however scheduled e-mail delivery is disabled in Preview.
  • Not all of your white label branding efforts will have moved over to the Preview environment. You will need to upload your CSS and images again if you would like Preview to reflect your white label efforts.

Note: Content in Preview should be considered temporary as it may be overwritten with periodic updates.

If you would like share suggestions and experiences with the Preview environment, contact

If you have questions on leveraging and working with Preview environment, contact

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