How to resize a Klip

Klipfolio lets you customize the layout of any dashboard. By improving the appearance of a dashboard, a group of Klips becomes much easier to understand and visualize.

You can apply a basic template to your dashboard or you can apply a custom layout by selecting the number of grid columns you want to work with when arranging your Klips.

Changing dashboard layout

You can display an unlimited number of grid columns. To change the layout of a dashboard from Template to Custom:

  1. At the top left of a dashboard of Klips, click the Layout link.
  2. Click the Custom grid icon.
  3. In the Columns box, type the number of grid columns you want to use.

Grid columns allow you to:

  • Drag a Klip by the titlebar to anywhere on the dashboard.
  • Adjust the height and width of a Klip using the resize handle located in the lower right corner of the Klip.
    Tip: Click and drag the lower right corner of a Klip up and towards the center of a Klip to quickly minimize its size.
  • Align your Klip by dragging it towards a grid column and allowing it to snap into position.
  • Close the Layout panel.

Learn more:

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