Viewing data source Refresh Info and Error Log


You can check individual data sources for refresh information and refresh errors.  

About data source refresh intervals

Klipfolio tries multiple times to connect to a data source before disabling it. The recheck interval is designed to ensure that the the maximum amount of time is given to retrieving any new data and to allow any errors to be cleared.

Refresh attempts use the following intervals:  

  1. After one failure, Klipfolio attempts to refresh again every 5 minutes until success.
  2. After three failures, Klipfolio attempts to refresh again every 30 minutes until success.
  3. After five failures, Klipfolio attempts to refresh again every 6 hours until success.
  4. If 20 failures, the data source is disabled.

In the event that a data source is disabled, consult the Error Log to help with diagnose the problem

How to view Refresh Info and the Error Log

Refresh Info and the Error Log are available on the same screen. Use the following steps to locate the Refresh Log of a data source file.

  1. Click the Library link.
  2. Navigate to the Data Sources tab.
  3. Select the data source file you want to view.
  4. Under General, click Refresh InfoBoth Refresh Info and the Error Log can be found on this screen. 
  5. Click on Edit to change the Refresh interval or request a Refresh Now

Analyzing the Error Log:

You can obtain the following information about a data source in the Error Log.
  • The last refresh date and time.
  • The length of time to refresh the data.
  • The kind of data source.
  • The last time to update the data.
  • The current size of the data source.
  • The result of refreshing the data source. Click the Error link to check for any generated error message.

Note: Data is in the Refresh Log is purged weekly and is current for the last ten minutes.

Status Codes:

Use the following error codes to help with troubleshooting data source connection issues.

400: Bad Request The resource can no longer be found.
403: Forbidden Logon credentials are incorrect.
500: Internal Error The query request failed to resolve.

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