Getting to know the formula bar


Overview Use formulas to manipulate your data for use in a data visualization.
Key Features Use the formula editing toolbar to refine and manipulate your data
Use Klipfolio's catalog of functions to format data
Data Formats Excel/CSV/Spreadsheet formats
XML/JSON formats


You can create formulas using the formula bar to manipulate, refine, and perform calculations on values taken from a data source. Formula editing provides a powerful tool for preparing your data for use in a data visualization.

Formula Editing Toolbar

Here is an overview of each of the buttons on the formula editing toolbar.

Insert data from the data source.
Insert a literal string or number.
Reference another component.
Insert a variable.
Insert a function.
Insert a parenthesis.
Wrap current value in a function.
Wrap current value in parenthesis.
Insert a node to the left of the current selection.
Insert a node to the right of the current selection.
Undo action.
Redo action.


You can insert mathematical operators into your expressions by clicking on the ... ellipsis. This will bring up with Operator's toolbar with the following options:


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