How to use Horizontal Mini Chart formats


Horizontal Mini Charts allow you to visualize the highest and lowest values of your data. It is a compact visualization that is available in the Table component. For example, use the Horizontal Mini Chart format to show relative performance between products and overall budget value.

Starting the Klip building process

  1. Create a new data source by clicking on the Library link. For more information, see Creating data sources.
  2. From your dashboard, click the Add a Klip button.
  3. Click the Build a New Klip button.
  4. Select the Table component.
  5. Select Use an existing data source from the library.
  6. Select your data source from the list.

Creating a Horizontal Mini Chart

  1. In the Component Tree, select a Column.
  2. Select the Data panel.
  3. Select a column in your data source.
  4. Optional: If the column in your data source has a header, use the SLICE function to remove it. For more information, see SLICE function.
  5. Select the Properties panel.
  6. At Column Header, type a name for your column.
  7. At Format as, select Mini Chart: Horizontal.
  8. Optional: To customize the column, adjust the range, range backround, results row and and visibility preferences.

To apply indicators

You can apply indicators to add more context to your Horizontal Mini Chart. For more information, see How to use indicators.

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