Displaying Klips in full screen mode

You can display Klips created in Klipfolio on your computer in full screen mode. By default, a dashboard is switched every ten (10) seconds. However, each user has the option to change the number of seconds a dashboard is switched in full screen mode.

How do I set up Klips for full screen mode?

  1. Log on to Klipfolio.
  2. Tip: On the initial logon page, select the Remember Me check box to automate the log on process.

  3. At the My Dashboards tab, click the Enter full screen (TV) mode icon.

  1. Press your web browser’s full screen mode key.
    For a Microsoft Windows operating system, use the F11 key.
    For a Macintosh operating system, use the shortcut key combination ⌘-Shift-F.
  2. Click the Play / Pause icon.

How do I change the default setting for dashboard switching?

The default setting for dashboard switching is an individual user preference. This means that each individual user can customize their own cycling time.  For example, one user can have the wallboard cycle through at a 30 second interval, while another user can have the wallboard cycle through a 10 second interval.
  1. Log in to Klipfolio and click Account at the top right of the screen. 
  2. Select the My Profile tab.
  3. Go to the Dashboard Options section and click the Edit link.
  4. At the dashboard switching line, change the default number of seconds from 10 to a different number.

How do I display a specific dashboard in full-screen mode?

To display a specific dashboard or dashboards, when your account is running in full-screen mode, perform the following tasks.

  1. Add a new user to your account.
  2. Create a new group and assign the new user to this group.
  3. Share the dashboard or dashboards with this group.
  4. Optional: Assign the new user a role of View-Only.
  5. Log in as the new user.

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