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Export PDF as text content, not image

Currently, all PDF reports are exported by saving the klips as images, then saving the whole thing as a PDF. This leads to several disadvantages:

1. Non-selectable text: It would be useful to select certain text from the PDF, especially in situations where that PDF would be sent as a report to a client, project manager, etc.

2. Non-clickable links: This is also important, especially for online marketing-related reports which can contain results in the form of links (such as websites where the brand was mentioned).

3. Multi-page klips breaking text: While the download PDF feature offers an option to assemble the PDF with "Multiple Pages" in order to minimize breaks, it won't help on klips that are more than 1 page long. In that case, the klip will break regardless and might make certain text unreadable.

Hope this gets implemented soon. Google Sheets offers this capability by default, so it should be a must for any dashboard-oriented app.


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