I have an idea:

Please Add "Change Data Source"

You Need to add a feature that should be really easy to implement.

Please Add "Change Data Source" to the "edit Klip"

So lets say I create a Klip Dashboard and I want to copy it and change the data source but keep everything else about that Klip the same.

(This is really beautiful for my company where I can upload the same formatting of different customers' data and the Klip I created finds how and where to input it to the same fields I made)

So the only way I know how to currently do what i want to do now is to make a new KLIP with the new data source then I open the source of the two clips and I copy the source from the one I made before and I put in the word doc and click Crtl+F and I replace the ID & Data Source with the new file.

There's so many additional steps I have to do now to make a new customer dashboard, it would be great to have a simple 1 or 2 step buttons to help.

Thank you for your time & consideration.

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Thank you for your idea and all the votes. Great to have all your support behind improving Klipfolio.

Will look into this idea.

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  • Chris Moyer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is something that was beautifully implemented in Tableau, they implemented it by adding a button on the datasource that just said "Replace Data Source" and let you pick another.

    It could also be pretty nifty to add this when you're copying a Klip!

    Thanks so much for the temporary work-around by editing the source directly!

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