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Datasource Refresh Timing (or lack thereof)

The current method of doing refreshes just doesn't seem to be working in an acceptable way for our clients that don't keep Klipfolio open all day.

Currently, when you haven't logged in to Klipfolio for a while, when you first login, all of your data sources are out of date. Historically, these would refresh very quickly and you'd see the Klips flash and have an updated dashboard within a minute or two, but now these updates seem to take much longer. Sometimes it can take several hours for the data sources to refresh on a dashboard.

This timing isn't acceptable for clients such as a CMO that wants to login, get their info and get on with their day. If they see the data is always out of date, they'll lose confidence in the tool and stop using it.

Can we enable a feature for background refreshing, that would cause all data sources to be updated at a given interval even if someone hasn't logged in? For example, maybe the time range is set to every 4 hours, but if someone hasn't logged in for a while, the data source will still update once per day.

This will help ensure data is up to date and Klipfolio remains a useful and timely tool for your users.

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