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Pre-Condition Data

I need to pre condition data before run it through Klipfolio and my data vendor is no good at exporting "usable files" as a datasource... Obviously it need to be automatic but I need more excel type functionality to INCLUDE or EXCLUDE, SORT or FILTER multiple rows and columns of data without having to create MEGA nested formulas that only sometimes work (probably my fault).

I'm sure some of the complexity could be solved with using a JSON or XML file in particular circumstances but I'm sometimes at a loss as to what the best file type is to achieve my goals given your current capabilities... and I'm not happy with spending 2-10 hours trying to get a formula to work and find out that the formulas you have are inadequate for the type of datasource I'm using (even then, I can try csv, xml and json, and still turn up with nothing - EVEN THOUGH THE DATA I NEED IS IN THE FILE).

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