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Printing the Klip on a 11 * 17 with the graph layout intact

Would love to have more print options. I was unable to print the dashboard in a compact form in a 11 * 17 format with all the graphs contained . Also some of the graphs were split up and half appeared in one page and the remaining appeared in the next page. Guess this is because the page doesnt contain structured sections and is boundaryless. Good for online view but printed dashboard isnt quite there yet. Any improvements for all this?

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  • Sven Scheepers commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agreed. Not having

    1) Paper size option (standard here in Oz is A4 so the defaulted Klipfolio size leaves for heaps of blank space)

    2) A proper page break if you have a Klip that contains a fair amount of information. I know this is available on Dashboard level, but if you have some filters on the dashboard you don't want them printed / PDF'ed. Our clients often have to make a dashboard pdf as part of their global reporting and it just looks messy with images cut in half or text literally split in half.

    More printing flexibility would be fantastic.

  • Anna Iglio commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Great idea. I use a Dashboard in printable format to discuss at meetings and there's a lot of editing, custom print scaling and rearranging klips before I can get it to a format I need.

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