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  1. Getting Started 

    1. Klipfolio Quick Start Guide
    2. NEW: Getting Started with Klipfolio: Working with Google AdWords
    3. NEW: Getting Started with Klipfolio: Working with Google Analytics Data Sources
    4. NEW: Add a KlipStart to your dashboard
    5. Build-a-Klip Tutorial
  2. Building Klips 

    1. Overview: Working with Klips
    2. Adding or Moving a Klip
    3. NEW: How to build Funnel Chart components
    4. Upgrading a map component
    5. How to build Bar/Line Chart components
  3. NEW: Klip Gallery 

    1. Adding a pre-built Klip from the Klip Gallery
    2. Klip Gallery: Alexa
    3. Klip Gallery: Basecamp
    4. Klip Gallery: Bitly
    5. Klip Gallery: Buffer
  4. Connecting to data sources 

    1. Klipfolio Data Source Integrations
    2. Creating data sources
    3. Best practices for uploading your data
    4. Updating data sources
    5. About data source refresh
  5. Using the Klip Editor 

    1. Getting to know the formula bar
    2. Using drill down in a table component
    3. Working with spreadsheet data sources (Excel/CSV/tabular formats)
    4. About JSON and XML Data Sources
    5. Copying and pasting formula elements
  6. Functions 

    1. Introduction: Using formulas
    2. Data Manipulation functions
    3. Logic functions
    4. Math functions
    5. SELECT function
  7. NEW: Tips and Techniques 

    1. Tips and Techniques: The formula bar
    2. Tips and Techniques: GROUP and GROUPBY functions
    3. Tips and Techniques: The GROUPBY function - method
    4. Tips and Techniques: SELECT function
    5. Tips and Techniques: SLICE function
  8. Klip Tutorials 

    1. Introduction
    2. Introduction to the Build-a-Klip Tutorial
    3. Build-a-Klip Tutorial: Phase One
    4. Build-a-Klip Tutorial: Phase Two
    5. Build-a-Klip Tutorial: Phase Three
  9. Answered Support Questions 

    1. Frequently Asked Questions
    2. Tips and Tricks
    3. Common scenarios for building Klips
    4. Creating a simple and a more complex bar chart
    5. Building a bar/line chart with a secondary y axis
  10. Account Administration 

    1. NEW: Payment Frequently Asked Questions
    2. Granting Klipfolio Support access to a user account
    3. Cancelling or Deleting your Klipfolio Account
    4. Requesting a trial extension
    5. New Klipfolio Payment System Offers Greater Flexibility to Partners
  11. Dashboard management 

    1. Beta: Free public links
    2. Publish links
    3. NEW: What’s the difference between viewing a dashboard in the app and viewing a published link to a dashboard?
    4. Use RiseVision to display your Klipfolio dashboard on big screen TVs or digital wallboards
    5. Updates to Klipfolio user permissions
  12. Partners Section 

    1. Checklist for adding new clients
    2. What is a master account?
    3. Importing Klips, dashboards, and data sources
    4. White-Label Options
    5. Managing clients
  13. Compatibility, Conformance and Supported Systems 

    1. NEW: Managing your data sources
    2. Klipfolio system requirements
  14. Sample Data 

    1. Sales Data (XML file)
    2. Executive Data (Spreadsheet)
    3. Marketing Data (Spreadsheet)
    4. Call Center Data (Spreadsheet)
    5. Yahoo Stock Quotes (Spreadsheet)
  15. Mobile 

    1. NEW: Mobile App FAQ
    2. NEW: Design tips for the Klipfolio mobile app
  16. Troubleshooting 

    1. Klipfolio Changelog 2016
    2. Klipfolio Changelog (2015 and earlier)
    3. About Klipfolio Ninja Services
    4. What's New
    5. How to use the Klipfolio Preview Environment
  17. All articles 

    1. Overview: Working with Klips
    2. Getting to know the formula bar
    3. Introduction
    4. Sales Data (XML file)
    5. Introduction: Using formulas
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